Ceo. Martin Sørensen

We are already looking forward to showing you the Greenland we love. In 2008, I first traveled to Greenland, and it was love at first sight. In the early days I moved back and forth between Denmark and various places on the Greenlandic west coast. I have among other things lived some months in Ilulissat, Nuuk and Upernavik, but it was in Uummannaq that I lost my heart – exactly as the myth tells. According to an old Greenlandic myth about Uummannaq, one loses a small part of his heart when visiting the island. It is this little heartpiece that calls one back to the area. Therefore one cannot just visit our lovely island one time. If you have first visited Uummannaq, you will return. In my case it was not just a small piece, but my whole heart that I lost to Uummannaq. It is my love for the city, the inhabitants, the island and the fantastic fjord that has made me now resident in the city, where charity and warmth are not something we are talking about, it is something we show and share. My vision with Uummannaq Fjord Tours is to give our guests unforgettable experiences in the Uummannaq neighborhood. Some of the things that I love most about nature north of the Arctic Circle are the violent contrasts between the seasons. The summer mountain is mild and inviting, and the voyages on the fjord are sunny and cozy. In winter, everything is changed. The fjord freezes and the dog sledding season starts. If you visit Uummannaq in the winter, then I am sure you will give Knud Rasmussen the right statement “Give me Snow, give me dogs, and you can keep the rest” [

Guide / Coordinator Carina Jeremiassen

Hello my name is Carina Jeremiassen I am 26 years old, was born in Qasigiannguit, but moved to Uummannaq when I was 4 years old. Has grown up in Uummannaq with my familie,

6 siblings where 2 of them are my step-brothers. My father has a wife and my mother is unfortunately dead in 2016.

My Boyfriend Lazarus is a fisherman / prisoner and has 3 children who live with their mother and we have no children together yet.

I have trained myself in two different programs where one is HHX (higher trade school) in south Greenland and the other is ADV (Arctic adventure guide) also in south Greenland.

I finished my first education in 2012 (HHX) and the other (ADV) in December 2018, after which I was fortunate to get this job in Uummannaq Fjord Tours, where I will help create a good future for the Uummannaq Fjord Tours, tourism in my city and give our customers a fantastic experience here.