Sights and opportunities in Uummannaq. There are many interesting and unique experiences to be found in Uummannaq and in Uummannaq’s fjord system. Depending on how long you stay in Uummannaq, depending on whether it is winter or summer, then there is a lot of history, nature and culture that the city and Uummannaq Fjord Tours in cooperation offers you. Whether you just want to hear a little about the city and the story, about the beautiful animals in the nature, or whether you want to take the great hike through the mountains and see specific / historical sites, then we are sure that we can offer a wide selection. If you want a research tour, a photography tour, or most importantly; If you come and visit our city to hear about climate change, their influence, then we offer all kinds of tourism and themes for your visit. Here is a list of options we can offer in Uummannaq Fjord Tours:

  • Maamorilik (old marble / iron ore mine)
  • Qaarsut mine (old coal mine)
  • Agpat Island (Old Marble Quarry)
  • Agpat Island (Old Cave)
  • The Red Desert (sand and stone from billions of years ago)
  • Paarnat (berry picking as in old days and tasting)
  • Sermeerlate (fishing trout in the lake and tent trip)
  • Eqaluit (fishing trout in the lake and tent trip)
  • Naajat (where all the seagulls and other Arctic birds prepare)
  • Qinnguarsuaq (Mallemuk spot) Builders (visit and hear stories, meet the locals) Mummies from Qilakitsoq Museum and associated historic buildings City (off buildings)
  • Santa’s house
  • Wildlife in the sea (fish, whales, and birds in the air)
  • Excursion and camping in nature (experience being Greenlanders in the first row)
  • glacier Sailing Cultural houses from colonial times Fishing trips (near and far, try yourself – both for winter or summer trip)
  • Citywalks – Listen to stories and stories about Uummannaq and life We are of course updated with the latest safety measures, laws and regulations for tourism and support the locals – you also do so by choosing Uummannaq Fjord Tours.