Welcome to Uummannaq the heart of the world

Uummannaq Fjord Tours is a small tourist agency offering authentic experiences in Uummannaq and area. Members of UFT is a city guide, captain and coordinator – ready to meet you and fulfill your needs for truly magical nature experiences. We arrange contact between you and the locals, so you can experience the culture as close as possible. We can get you unique experiences all year round in the Arctic; ice fishing, dog sledding and hunting in winter – and charter- glacier- midnight tours, fishing, hiking, camping in nature, meeting/sightseeing the animals in North Greenland – both from land and sea, etc. Our strongest tool are the locals, our culture and our nature, so that you can get the feelings and experiences authentically right from the locals. The sun never goes down in the summer, and in winter we have northern lights to guide us instead. You will get experiences you cannot get elsewhere in the world; whether you are with your friends, colleagues, partner or your closest family. We are passionate about our community and work as close with it as possible. We put safety first, and still you will be able to lose a piece of your heart to Uummannaq – the small island with the well-known heart-shaped mountain.